Punished Or Blown?

After showing the girls what CFNM is all about, our young stud is still horny and sneaks into where Fiona is changing and starts wanking in front of her. She isn't pleased and runs out when he asks her to touch his cock. Moments later Chloe walks in and she feels very differently. She loved wanking his cock earlier and now wants to suck it. She gets on her knees and is giving him a loving blowjob - just as Fiona returns with angry friend Shanti. They can't believe that Chloe is sucking this pervert's cock and every time she takes it out her mouth, Shanti gives his penis a hard slap! The poor guy alternates between the pleasure of Chloe's mouth and the pain of Shanti's slaps but the pleasure wins and he soon spunks all over Chloe's pretty young face!

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