Wrong Showers
The girls are making their way into the shower area to have a jacuzzi when to their shock they find a man having a shower in their changing room! They watch him for a bit and then sneak over and steal his towel while he isn't looking. When he finished his shower and discovers his towel gone they jump out at him and he quickly covers himself up very embarrassed. He tells them they are in the wrong showers at which point they point out it is him who is in the wrong changing room. He pleads and then tries to wrestle his towel back from them so he can leave but they won't give it back to him and want to see him clean his "equipment" a bit better. He reluctantly agrees in order to get his towel back but soon the girls take over and take it in turns to grope and stroke his cock. With the 4 of them taking it in turns his legs begin to buckle and they help him to the ground before jerking him to an orgasm all over his nicely washed chest!
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