Tied To A Tree
Paul's mates are playing a college prank on him by tying him to a tree in an area of the local woods frequented by walkers. After trying him up they pull his trousers down leaving him with just his boxer shorts on! Unfortunately for Paul the first walkers that come by are all female and rather than letting him go they decide to have a bit of fun with him and pull his shorts down so they can see his cock!
At first Paul is horrified and embarrased but he soon relaxes as the girls grab hold of his cock and start stroking him to see how big it gets. They take it in turns to wank him all the time wondering how far he will shoot when he cums. They have a bet and lay out rocks on the ground to see where he will cum to. One of the girls even lies in front of him and shows off her knickers to make him cum and they start laughing hysterically when he does shoot to the second marker! Then they run off leaving him still tied up and naked ready for the next set of walkers coming by!
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