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Ashleigh has to rush off to work so leaves her boyfriend asleep in bed. On her way out she shouts to her mum and Emma to look after him while she is out. Emma decides to check on him and is shocked when she sees he is sleeping naked. She pulls back the cover so she can admire his penis. It looks so good that she can't help touching it and even gives it a quick lick. She sneaks out again and goes to fetch Wendy, dragging her upstairs to show her what she has seen. Wendy is also shocked but impressed by the size of his penis. Before long both Emma and Wendy are touching, fondling and giggling over the young boy's cock. They try to be quiet but he soon wakes up. Slightly dazed, he asks what is going on but soon feels the pleasure of their hands on his cock and lies back again to let them carry on. Wendy and Emma take turns wanking his cock, with Emma flashing her huge tits in his face trying to make him cum and he soon explodes all over his stomach.

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