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Abbey has been given the keys to her boss's house so she can look after it while he is away. However, when the girls go round they see Mr Smythe's car. Not only is he still there but they see through the window that he is wanking over a picture of Abbey! The girls storm into the house and after some euqstioning, the old man admits that he has fancied Abbey ever since that day in the office when the two of them gave him a blowjob. The girls take pity on him and decide to give him a treat for letting them house sit and before Smythe knows what is happening Sasha starts sucking his cock! He is in heaven but isn't ready for what happens next - Abbey passes her a condom from her handbag and Sasha straddles his cock and starts fucking him! Smythe is in ecstasy but it gets even better when Abbey pulls her knickers down and sits on his face. As Sasha cums on his cock, she tells Abbey to try it and Smythe then gets the pleasure of fucking his gorgeous secretary from behind. After a while, Sasha takes the condom off Smythe's cock and wanks him until he shoots his load all over Abbey's ass.
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