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When Jools presents the latest sales figures to boss Renee, she is furious with the performance of salesman Phil. She calls him into her office and gives him a grilling over his performance. She realises he doesn't have the confidence to sell her products so she decides to try to help him. Jools strips the poor salesman naked while Renee looks him in the eye and tells him to recite the selling points of her condoms. Phil gets embarrassed and doesn't do very well and Renee then calls in top salesgirl Lacey so he can see what a proper salesperson is like. To teach him a lesson the girls decide to photocopy his penis and put the pictures up all over the office and they drag him to the machine and make him lay on it. They photocopy his genitals while laughing at him. Once they have enough copies to post all round the office they get him back on Renee's desk and play with his cock until he erupts everywhere for them. Renee sends him off telling him he had better improve or he will be sacked!
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