Late For Class
Matt walks into the classroom late and without his school uniform. Miss Charlie is furious with him and makes him drop his trousers so she can put him across her knee in full view of the three girls in the class! She spanks him and then as it is a human biology class she leads him by his penis from desk to desk so the girls can have a close up look at his cock and balls! With precum oozing out of his cock, the girls use their rulers to measure his penis and then ask the teacher what happens when he gets aroused. Its not long before the teacher has Matt back up the front and gets the girls to surround him and start giving him a handjob. Just then the headmasters secretary walks in and is shocked at what she sees - but far from put a stop to it she grabs hold of Matt's cock herself and starts stroking him. With five women now stroking his cock its not long before Matt shoots his spunk into the air - some of which hits the headmasters secretary's posh jacket!
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