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John is walking along the road when suddenly a van pulls up next to him and two girls bundle him into the back and drive off! When he comes round he is chained to a cross with only a blanket covering him. The two girls that kidnapped him are there and then two more appear, ring leader Faye explaining that they work for a private detective agency. They have been hired by his wife and have evidence that he has been having an affair. John tries to pay the detectives off but they say they aren't interested in his money and are more interested in punishing him for what he has done. Faye pulls the blanket off and they all laugh as they see his naked body. They start slapping his penis and mocking him, wondering how he satisfies two women with a cock like that. The girls then take turns to stroke his cock to get it bigger. Faye tells him they may consider letting him go if he cums for them and so John reluctantly allows himself to lose control.

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