Angel is going to a wedding and has bought a new suit for her boyfriend but when he tries it on, it doesn't fit. Although her girl friends are round for a coffee, she still insists on him taking the trousers off in front of them so she can sew them up. As Robin sits between two of the girls, they start rubbing the front of his underwear while Angel can't see them. He starts to get aroused and when Angel turns round she goes mad that he has got a hard-on in front of her friends. She decides to humiliate him for being such a pervert and pulls his underwear down so the girls can have a good laugh at his cock. They take turns to stroke his penis during which they discover that Jessy has never had a facial. The girls decide to show her what it's like and make her lie under the glass coffee table before wanking Robin's dick until he spunks all over it, just inches above her open mouth.

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